16/657,438 - Systems and Methods for Charitable Giving Using Blockchain Cryptocurrency

US20200076827A1 - Systems and methods for hybrid blockchain control

12/559,079 - Awarding message slots for a consumer mobile device campaign

US5948104A - System and method for automated anti-viral file update

ISO 31000:2018 Trainer

Avrohom Gluck

Avrohom Meir Gluck is the primary trainer at his ERM 31000 Training and Consulting firm based in New York State. I teach ISO 31000 Risk Management theory and practice in college and to businesses in multiple sectors across the United States.

Many individuals and companies have chosen to learn ISO 31000 at their own pace, using my best-selling, 9-hour video course. This was filmed live at Manhattanville School of Professional Studies during my graduate class on ISO 31000 in February of 2018. It has been viewed by 12,500+ students and is very-highly rated.

The LEARN 31000 Training Courses can be found here.

Experience and Credentials

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About Avrohom

Born Allen Gluck in Brooklyn, New York, Avrohom changed his legal name to Avrohom Meir Gluck in November of 2018. Avrohom is the biblical name Abraham spelled as vocalized by Ashkenezic Jewry. Abraham means "father or pedagogue to populace nations". Meir means "one who shines".

Avrohom is a talented, multi-faceted personality who is an SME on ISO 31000 risk management, cryptocurrency, GDPR and CCPA data privacy compliance. He is the inventor of two U.S. hi-tech patents and two cryptocurrency patents. Contact him on LinkedIn or on the website.